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          In the upstream oil & gas, building and maintenance of drilling rigs and production platformsis supported by Tractel®’s range of lifting and handling, load measurement and height safety equipment. In the downstream oil & gas, Tractel®’s temporary and permanent access solutions are widely used.

Our compact cradle system with pneumatic tirak, wire rope reelers and blocstops are utilized in the maintenance of the refractory lining inside petrochemical plants.Another use case of our equipment is in making petrochemical storage tanks accessible for service and maintenance, such as painting or installation of a sprinkler system. In this instance,Tractel®’s systems of platforms, suspension clamps and hoists are an ideal solution.

Long-term value and top of the line performanceare guaranteed with our innovative in-house design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, professional maintenance and repair services, and, dependable technical support and training. Ourdedicated sales force and a network of over 10,000 distributors around the world is committed to providing you with the industry’s most advanced solutions to meet your requirements.


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